Hi and welcome to caketi.com – The first Jordanian online marketplace for all kinds of sweets.

There is always a story to start any kind of service. Our story is simple!

We understand how hard is it to go out of your comfy home and drive for a long time to shop for cake or sweets, and then you don’t find what you were looking for. Frustrating, right?

We also know that you might go to multiple shops around the city to buy all your needs for that celebration at home.

How about traffic? A place to park your car? Maybe your order will take longer than you expect? Or maybe you are worried about driving back home and how that cake will stay in a perfect condition?!

Well, worry no more! Because at caketi.com we found a better way for you to shop for your favorite sweets, desserts and bakery!

We make it easier, faster, and cheaper to buy all your sweets, from cakes and western sweets to local desserts and party accessories. We give you the convenience to buy from many local shops under one place and deliver all your items to your doorstep.

Our advanced e-commerce technology is designed to make all your sweets purchases smarter and faster, giving you the freedom to shop whenever and wherever you like.

caketi.com is a one stop shop for all your sweets needs :)

caketi.com, Detroit LLC, Jabal Amman, Amman, Jordan

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